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How do you identify children to be sponsored?

Our coordinators working with children in schools and underprivileged lower-income areas such as slums, identify talented children, and encourage the parents to apply for sponsorship on behalf of their children. A panel selects the beneficiaries after interviewing the children and their parents. Criteria for selection include the family economic background, number of dependants and size of the family.

The names of students are also suggested by teachers and the management (Headmistress, etc). Our volunteers visit homes to check.

Up to which level of education, the sponsorship works ?

We sponsor a child from 4 to 10 th class and depending on their marks and interest we connect them for higher education and sponsor.

What is your goal ?

We are a volunteering organization and VC was started by a group of volunteers who felt the need for sponsoring a child. Our aim is to reach out to every underprivileged child in India who needs that extra bit of support to study.

What is SAC ?

SAC is an acronym for Vidyachetana program Sponsor A Child.

How is the sponsored amount utilised ?

  • Ten percent (10%) of your donation is used towards program administration expense. Administration expense includes rent, stationary, salaries, staff training, publicity material and campaign.
  • Hedge fund – 5% (Every year there are few donors dropping out, but we promise support to the child till class 10. We use hedge fund for the payment of these children's fee)
  • Programs – 5% (Life skill training, Career guidance etc)
  • School kit – Rs. 300
  • We pay school fee against the bills in two installments. If the fee is less than the amount we give, we give the amount towards bus pass, uniform, books etc)

How much does it cost ?

Sponsorship costs 7200/- per child annually. You might opt for monthly, half yearly, and annual frequency mode.

Can I sponsor more than one child?

 Yes, absolutely. You can Sponser through bulk sponsorship.

Will the child come to know that I am sponsoring her/him ?

Your choice. The child knows that she/he is a sponsored child. Only if you opt, the child comes to know the name of the sponsor when they receive Letters/ Greetings from you routed through SAC. As a matter of policy we do not share the address of the sponsor and contact number ensuring your complete privacy.

What do I get after sponsorship ?

  1. You will receive at least one score card giving details of the child’s academic progress during each academic year (June to March). In most cases we will be able to report the child’s academic progress two times in an academic year
  2. We publish a half yearly newsletter giving details of all activities we worked on along with statement of accounts.
  3. We will send you an audited copy of statement of accounts once a year.
  4. We will promptly attend to all your queries along with direct access to the program director to address any issues.
  5. You can meet your child via Skype or have a phone call once a year.
You can meet the child in person by special arrangement with SAC if you are visiting the city where the child lives.

Am I the only sponsor of my child?

Yes. You will be the only sponsor for your child.  

How do I Contribute?

You can Contribute online by clicking on the Donate button or PAyment by Cheque or DD. Draw the cheque or DD in favor of "Youth For Seva Vidya Chetana - Deposit". And MAil to below address. Mailing address: Youth for Seva #75/76,4th cross, 2nd main Soudhamani Layout, Konankunte Bangalore - 560062

Can I contribute by credit card or Bank account ?

Your contribution can be monthly or annual. Your can pay through our secure internet portal via a credit card or from your authorized bank account. We strongly encourage you to provide a monthly deduction authorization from your bank or credit card account which ensures a sustainable and continuous education program for your child.

Will I get tax benefit ?

Yes, you are entitled to get tax deduction under 80(G).
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