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  • How is the sponsored amount utilised ?
    For VC,
    • Ten percent (10%) of your donation is used towards program administration expense. Administration expense includes rent, stationary, salaries, staff training, publicity material and campaign.
    • Hedge fund – 5% (Every year there are few donors dropping out, but we promise support to the child till class 10. We use hedge fund for the payment of these children's fee)
    • Programs – 5% (Life skill training, Career guidance etc)
    • School kit – Rs. 300
    • We pay school fee against the bills in two installments. If the fee is less than the amount we give, we give the amount towards bus pass, uniform, books etc)
    For VC plus,
    • Five Percent (5%) of your donation is used towards program administration expense. Administration expense includes rent, stationary, salaries, staff training, publicity material and campaign.It also includes for Programs (Life skill training , career guidance)
  • How much does it cost ?

    For VC, Sponsorship costs 7200/- per child annually. You might opt for monthly, half yearly, and annual frequency mode. For VC plus Sponsorship can be complete student tuition fees, Hostel fees and books, busspass etc or in part payment.

  • Can I sponsor more than one child?

     Yes, absolutely. You can Sponser through bulk sponsorship.

  • Will the child come to know that I am sponsoring her/him ?

    Your choice. The child knows that she/he is a sponsored child. Only if you opt, the child comes to know the name of the sponsor when they receive Letters/ Greetings from you routed through SAC. As a matter of policy we do not share the address of the sponsor and contact number ensuring your complete privacy.

  • What do I get after sponsorship ?
    1. You will receive at least one score card giving details of the child’s academic progress during each academic year (June to March). In most cases we will be able to report the child’s academic progress two times in an academic year
    2. We publish a half yearly newsletter giving details of all activities we worked on along with statement of accounts.
    3. We will send you an audited copy of statement of accounts once a year.
    4. We will promptly attend to all your queries along with direct access to the program director to address any issues.
    5. You can meet your child via Skype or have a phone call once a year.
    You can meet the child in person by special arrangement with SAC if you are visiting the city where the child lives.
  • Am I the only sponsor of my child?

    Yes. You will be the only sponsor for your child for VC. For VC plus, it depends on your payment scheme. If you have choosen to sposnor complete amount then you would be the only sponsor, else you would be sharing the student sponsorship with other donors.

  • How do I Contribute?
    You can Contribute online by clicking on the Donate button or PAyment by Cheque or DD. Draw the cheque or DD in favor of "Youth For Seva Vidya Chetana - Deposit". And MAil to below address. Mailing address: Youth for Seva #75/76,4th cross, 2nd main Soudhamani Layout, Konankunte Bangalore - 560062
  • Can I contribute by credit card or Bank account ?

    Your contribution can be monthly , Half Yearly or  annually. Your can pay through our secure internet portal via a credit card or from your authorized bank account. We strongly encourage you to provide a monthly deduction authorization from your bank or credit card account which ensures a sustainable and continuous education program for your child.

  • Can I extend my support after the tenure of sponsorship?

    Yes. You can. In this case either you can extend your support to the same child for their higher educaion or you can choose another sponsorship to support another needy child.

  • Can I send money directly to my sponsored child?

    Sending monetary gifts directly to your child is discouraged. As previously mentioned, when one child receives a gift of any sort and others do not – children are heartbroken and extremely disappointed when left out. . Thank you for your understanding. You may send letters and cards anytime to our Vidyachetana office. We ask that you send your correspondence through us so that we may keep a record and ensure that your privacy is protected and any undue harassment is avoided.

  • Can I visit the child at school, home or at my residence or hotel ?
    • We will be happy to coordinate your visit with your sponsored child and arrange a time at your convenience.  As a matter of policy, you can visit the school where your sponsored child is studying only under the supervision of SAC personnel.  We need a two-week advance notice to avoid any  conflicts with the children’s availability due to their class and activity schedules.
    • In the light of our experience, per policy, we will not allow the sponsor to meet the children at their sponsor’s residence, hotels where they stay, or the child’s residence.
    • You can also meet the child over Skype once a year at assigned times.
  • Can I send gift/ money to my sponsored children? Can I also send gifts for other children of my sponsored child’s class/ school?

    Your sponsorship itself is your gift. As a matter of policy we do not encourage sponsors to send gifts/gift money to their sponsored children as it creates envy and disappointment for those who may not receive something similar or those who rarely – if ever – receive presents from their sponsor.

  • How to maximise your Sponsorship?

    As you decided to support a child, you can help us find one more person like you. If every sponsor brings one more donor to us, we’d be able to support more from our list. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Share your sponsorship on these platforms. Check if your company does matching grants for employees donation. You can contribute through that as well.

  • Does all children complete the schooling?

    Our children live in very tough circumstances beyond their control. Sometimes a child’s family may move and the child will no longer have access to our program. In those instances, we will introduce you to another child for your consideration.

  • What happens if I stop the sponsorship? Does my child lose the benefits of the program?

    No. Once the child is part of Vidyachetana program, He/She education is taken care till 10th. Incase the sponsor drops out, our team members will work to find a new sponsor as soon as possible and support the child till he/she completes class 10. We use the hedge fund that we use till we find an other sponsor.

  • Can I stop sponsoring a child whenever I want?

    It is your right and privilege to determine at your discretion to continue or stop the sponsorship support at any time. We respectfully suggest that this be done before March since school year begins in June in order not to disrupt support for your child. It also gives us time to find an other donor.

  • How do you identify children to be sponsored?
    Our volunteers and Partner NGO's working with Children identify the children from underprivileged background whose parents are struggling to pay the fees.
    Volunteers also identify aided schools where many students are not able to pay fees and drop out.
    VC team visits the house and check if they meet the selection criteria. Alternatively VC team also visits school to understand about the students and the need of the school after talking to Management and the principal .
    Criteria for selection include the family economic background, number of dependants and size of the family.
  • Up to which level of education, the sponsorship works ?
    We sponsor a child from 4 to 10 th class and depending on their marks and interest we connect them for higher education and sponsor.
  • What is your goal ?
    We are a volunteering organization and VC was started by a group of volunteers who felt the need for sponsoring a child. Our aim is to reach out to every underprivileged child in India who needs that extra bit of support to study.
  • What is SAC ?
    SAC is an acronym for Vidyachetana program Sponsor A Child.

For only Rs. 600 per month, you can make a lasting impact on a child's Life

Sponsor A Child

  • Vidya Chetana, a program under Youth for Seva, was started in 2009 to help underprivileged families educate their children
  • "Giving is not just about donation, its about making a difference." -Kathy Calvin
  • "Do what you can, with what you have, from where you are."
  • "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."
  • "what I spent, I had. what I saved, I lost. what I gave, I have."