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YFS is a great initiative which helps people like me who want to give back to the society but are too occupied in their day to day job. YFS helps to bridge the gap between who want to help and who need help, and their Sponsor a Child program does it in such ease and transparent manner that you know your contribution is going in the right place. I have been associated with the program for the last 5 years and I am grateful to YFS for taking the relationship between me and the child I am sponsoring to the next level by helping me sponsor for her higher education now. Its even more satisfying when you connect with the child and see the progress they are making in their studies. I would like to see the child graduating from college and make a good career for herself, and this will only be possible with YFS’s initiative and support. Thank you YFS for the great work !”

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For only Rs. 600 per month, you can make a lasting impact on a child's Life

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