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I am Sreebu Sreedhar,and I have been sponsoring the education of Moulya since December, 2015.I came to know about Vidyachetana when they came to my office as part of our community day. I was very much convinced by their programme and social activities(especially the pledge to ensure good quality education to children). Understanding the importance of empowering the youth and enlightening them with positive thoughts through good and proper education had made me to discuss this with my team and now my team and me are sponsoring the education for 7 children with the help of Vidyachetana. Vidyachetana has been very transparent on all other activities and share periodic updates of the child(Which includes exam results,medical reports and personal details) its very essential for any NGO to be transparent on their activities and Vidya Chetana is one among the best NGOs in Bangalore, that follows all these ethics.

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