Our partners

hsp_logo Hindu Seva Prathishtanais established on the ideal of selfless help towards society. Since its inception, Hindu Seva Prathishtana has undertaken a variety of initiatives, mainly aimed at socially weaker sections of the community like women and children. Its projects include scholarships and education for economically backward students, vocational training for women and yoga and counselling centres.
RP logo Rashtrotthana Parishat works with the spirit of unity towards nation building and aims to regenerate the nation upon indigenous lines by aiding those in need. The organisation envisions independence in the trueness of the term, with every citizen leading a life of dignity. The Parishat leads many projects including the qualitative education of children, health campaigns and public awareness. Founded in 1965, the Parishat is a leading organisation of its kind in Bangalore, India, having rendered over forty five years of service to the community.
SST logo Sneha Seva Trust ‘Service to Society’ is their motto. Since its establishment in 2003, Sneha Seva Trust has taken up a number of projects for the socio-economic upliftment of Bangalore. From education for children to vocational training for women, Sneha Seva Trust is dedicated to providing help to all sections of society.
YFS logo Youth for Seva is the parent organisation of the SAC program. Founded in 2007, YFS envisions a ‘self-reliant and happy society where there is harmony and the developmental needs are addressed locally through individuals who act without vested interest.’ The projects of YFS are diverse and range from maintaining environmental harmony to creating social happiness. The SAC program was launched as an independent project under YFS in 2009.
Our Partners