Enable Girls To Become Empowered Women!

International Day of the Girl Child is observed annually on 11th October. The objective of this day is to address a myriad of challenges that girls face across the world as well as garner support for girl children regarding education, rights, health, and safety. Each year, this day is observed with a particular theme and for 2022 it is, "Our time is now - our rights, our future".

In the efforts made by national and global organisations, policymakers, non-profit organisations, and the general public to uphold the rights of girls, the one factor that remains constant is the endeavour to educate girls. Education is key to enabling girls to become empowered women and this is the only way we can bring a sustainable change. And it is rightly stated by several noteworthy world leaders and influencers that girls’ education is the single best investment any society can make because it not only brings returns to the girls, but to their families, communities, and their nations.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic did reverse the significant progress that was made in the realm of education in general, and girls’ education in particular. So, as a part of the International Day of the Girl Child 2022, UNICEF has chalked out a one-year action plan from October 2022 to October 2023 with the aim to bounce back and accelerate the progress by working collectively to facilitate,

  • Leadership qualities in adolescent girls
  • Quality education and overall well-being
  • Accessibility to girl-centric services for crisis response and recovery

You can be an active contributor to this action plan!

Our capacity may vary, but we can all do our bit to support the efforts of UNICEF and various other organisations. In fact, you can do that right away by joining us!

As you know, we support higher education of meritorious students from socio-economically challenging backgrounds by providing scholarships for PUC (Intermediate), Degree, Engineering, and Medical courses. We advocate the idea of inclusive education and hence give equal importance to both girls and boys. Alongside scholarship, we also provide an avenue for overall development to all our beneficiaries through admission guidance for college and course selection, career guidance sessions, 21st century skills training, mentorship programmes, and Employability Readiness Programme (for final year students). And here we would like to acknowledge all our generous donors who chose to donate to NGO on various occasions thereby allowing us to continue our efforts.

Since we are dedicating this day to the girls, here’s what Sahana, one of our alumni beneficiaries has to say, “The scholarship I received from Vidya Chetana helped me to complete my final year BTech, following which I also secured a placement in IBM. I am extremely grateful to Vidya Chetana for helping me achieve my goal.” Sahana completed her BTech Graduate from Presidency University, Bengaluru and is now an empowered woman.

In conclusion, donate to NGO, or teach a girl child, or conduct a fundraiser, or bring support from your network – the bottom line is, let us work together to educate girls and unlock their potential of creating a promising future. Let’s educate to empower!