Helping Meritorious Students Celebrate 75th Independence Day In Its Fullest Essence

As we prepare to celebrate our 75th Independence Day, it is important to acknowledge the progress we have made over the years. From being ruled by the Britishers for nearly 200 years, today we are a nation who has carved a niche position in the world map. We have advanced to being among the most influential countries in the world and are looked up to for global policies and opinions. 

At this juncture, it is crucial to note that a nation is defined by the inclusive progress of its citizens. And a closer look does reveal that while we take pride in our 75 glorious years of freedom, we also need to ask ourselves, “Are we truly free from all struggles?” Well, objectively, the response cannot be in the affirmative. As a nation, we are still struggling with many socio-economic issues such as poverty, hunger, illiteracy, unemployment and inequality and the like.

Education is a potential gamechanger 

It is a fact that the youth and their contributions are way more significant than can be described in the country's growth and development. And being home to the world’s largest youth population with 356 million young people, we have a humongous responsibility of empowering them and turning them into assets. And it all begins with making education available for all by stepping in to educate the poor students too. 

Education is not only a fundamental right, but also a foundation for an empowered future. But it cannot reach its full potential until it's accessible only to the privileged section of the society. So, as an NGO working for education, this Independence Day, we appeal to you to join our efforts and support education of meritorious students from socio-economically underprivileged backgrounds. 

What are we doing to make a difference? 

As an NGO working for education, we at Vidya Chetana are striving to make higher education and skills development accessible to meritorious students from challenging backgrounds.

      We provide scholarships to underprivileged students and support their higher education in PUC/Intermediate, Degree, Engineering and Medical studies. So far, we have supported the education of 5,775 students from across 10 states. This year, we require support to aid the education of 2,500 students, of which 2,415 are existing beneficiaries and 82 are new students.

      Alongside scholarship, we equip our beneficiaries with necessary skills through career counselling, mentorship programmes, 21st century skills training, and employability readiness programme 

Empower through education 

Underprivileged students are no different. They too define freedom as being independent and contributing members of the family and the society. They too aspire to make it big someday and live a fulfilling life. And by contributing to an NGO working for education, you turn such dreams into reality. 

When you help to educate the poor students, you contribute towards the nation’s inclusive growth and progress. Your support will benefit students in the following ways: 

      Help them to complete their higher education.

      Enable them in seeking job opportunities.

      Empower them to support their families.

      Make them independent and contributing citizens. 

This Independence Day, join us to provide underprivileged students the freedom to higher education and enable them to celebrate this momentous occasion in its fullest essence.